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“FALL!” is one of my personal projects I strive to finish by the end of 2020. This is a short dark-comedy animated story about the person overcoming his/her self-doubt & low self-esteem.

  • Since I decided to experiment with the approach of designing and animating the assets I shoot this project in a mixed technique, using live-action footage, 2d and 3d graphics.
  • As soon as scene is assembled and animated I process it frame by frame with various software to achieve desired style and mood.
  • Initially, each frame has been handled manually, but now I’m using my own actions and scripts I coded for this workflow, so the process became more time-efficient allows me to finish each scene 3 times faster (oh, wow).

These are early test footage as well as a step-by-step breakdown of scripted action for one of the backgrounds.

  • Before I decided to automate the workflow with scripts it usually took 185 steps to finish 1 frame or 22,200 steps to create 10 sec. sequence. Now 70% of those steps are automated and required only 3hrs to finish a 10-sec scene from scratch.

(*placeholder for personal “moment of proud”) 🙂


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Storyboard Samples

  • Client Personal project
  • Date 15 Feb 2020
  • Live Preview Watch on Vimeo
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