Tadao Ando’s Architect Photo-Book


What do we look at? The wall or the cross, which is not really there?

Former professional boxer, Tadao Ando, though self-taught, is acknowledged as one of the most important Japanese architects and one of the greatest representatives of the minimalist current in contemporary architecture.

Framed in aesthetic design with a powerful contemporary layout and creating an engaging visual but informative narrative, this book will take you on a fascinating photo-journey to one of Ando’s world-known signature architectural works – Church of the Light.

Light and darkness – what are they? An irreconcilable confrontation or the dual nature of (co)existence? This book will help you to reveal the spiritual secret of Ando’s “light”.

Since college years I had a considerable interest in visual arts and architecture. I really love the completely unique aesthetic of Tadao Ando’s works, its uniquely monumental yet comforting aesthetic that draws as much on the calm restraint of Japanese tradition as the compelling modernist vocabularies of Bauhaus and Le Corbusier.

Initially, I wanted only to write a simple research article, but what began as a hobby is now one of the influencing Twitter blogs and mini-book series on famed architects who changed the way we think about buildings – “Architeg”.

Book Trailer

For this project, I acted as a Designer, Writer, Publisher and Project Manager handling all tasks starting from the content writing to layout design, publishing and marketing, including:

  • Content Writing and Editing
  • Cover and Layout Design
  • Publishing
  • Project Managing
  • Marketing

Book is written in collaboration with almost 30 photographers and 3D-artists from all over the world who visited the Church in the past.

“Tadao Ando’s Church of the Light” is available as eBook (for free) incl well as soft-cover & hard-cover options at Amazon and Apple Books.



  • Client Personal Project
  • Date 28 Nov 2019
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